ESB cattle


Cattle, like most animals, respond to how they have been treated. Generally and if well raised, they have incredibly kind and gentle natures which extends beyond their herd to humans that they trust. They are usually quiet creatures who are very affectionate and love to be touched, stroked or scratched. 

The sessions with the cattle can be one on one but are usually in a herd setting. This gives us an opportunity to witness the social nuances and dynamics between the herd, how they communicate, show affection, protect each other and play.

They don’t have the same energy or flight response as horses and their acquiescence and stature slows us down. The more time you spend with them the better our relationship with them becomes as they can transmit a sense of peace which is healing in its therapy. I love the challenge of gaining their trust and find that their acceptance and friendship is my happy place and is an immense privilege.

Occasionally I have ESB (Extra Special Bovines) cattle AND calves 

They are miniature Galloways which are ideal for hobby farmers who may wish to have a house cow or more pets and they can share the load of lawnmowing as well! 

They also make great therapy animals. 

If you are interested, then please


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